Are you tired of narcissistic and toxic relationships? Perhaps you've been so hurt that you never want to be in another relationship again? You're worried that you might end up with the same type of person again. It's hard when things start off well but all of a sudden it all turns to custard and you don't know why.

Not understanding how narcissists operate could mean you may end up in other soul-destroying relationships, instead of getting the love you deserve.

Ask yourself, have you ever faced any of these situations in a relationship?

Feeling belittled or scorned
Feeling controlled by a partner

Being made to doubt yourself and called crazy …

Feeling like most days are a battle

Learn about the signs to look for, the patterns of behaviour that play out time and time again.

You can heal the past and find a healthy, happy relationship in 2021.
This is the year to thrive rather than survive!

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