Terms and conditions

General Terms and Conditions

BloomCo Membership & Casual Use Terms & Conditions

(the term “member” includes associate members, casual users, and licencees of the premises at 262 Lakes Boulevard, Pyes Pa, Tauranga 3112. The term “licensor” means a director of BloomCo Ltd).

  1. General Use

You agree:

● to amicably and peacefully share the use of the facilities at the Premises with the other Members; ● to maintain the Premises in good, clean condition; ● not to remove any fixtures, fittings, furniture, or other effects belonging to the Premises or other Members; ● to use the Premises for office use only and not for any illegal purposes; ● not to make any repairs or alterations to the Premises without the written consent of the Licensor; ● not to do any act or thing in the Premises which may be a nuisance, or cause damage or annoyance to the Licensor or the other Members; ● to immediately report any damage you cause or notice; ● not to bring pets or bikes into the building; ● if you are in the Premises on your own you must take extra care to ensure all access doors to the Premises are locked, windows are secured and the alarm system is armed when you leave; and ● at all times comply with the Health and Safety provisions outlines in the Induction & Procedures Manual.

  1. Internet/Network Usage

• BloomCo ICT equipment is any device connected to the BloomCo network or used on the Premises, regardless of ownership, including laptops, PCs, mobile devices, wireless devices, network equipment, storage devices, audio-visual equipment, screens, monitors, cameras and printers. ● BloomCo provides ICT equipment & devices for work related activities only. All other use is at the discretion of the Licensor. Equipment must be cared for in a responsible manner. ● If you allow your staff or guests to use ICT, you are responsible for that use, and for any misuse. ● When using BloomCo ICT you must not access, save, copy, show or print inappropriate, objectionable or illegal material. You must not attempt to cause or allow disruption to, or gather information from other equipment, the network or internet connection. ● BloomCo ICT must not be used to facilitate any illegal or inappropriate workplace behaviour, including communication that could cause offence, harass, harm or put others at potential risk. ● Passwords and door / alarm security key codes must be kept confidential and not shared with anyone else. You should not allow any other person access to any equipment/device logged in under your user account, unless as part of your authorised work. ● You must not download, install or connect any software or hardware onto equipment owned by BloomCo unless approved by the Licensor. ● Copyright laws and licensing agreements must be respected at all times. ● You must log all incidents or ICT issues with the Licensor.

  1. Guests

● You and any of your guests are responsible for their own belongings and actions. ● Should any act or omission of a guest, contractor and/or invitees of yours cause damage, loss or cost to the Premises then that cost will be payable by you. ● You must accompany any guest, contractor and/or invitees at all times and ensure they complete the Visitor Registration form when arriving and leaving the Premises. ● Guests can join you in any of the shared areas within the Premises, but are not allowed access to any other private office areas.

  1. Shared Space Bookings

● Shared spaces include the Reception areas, Lounge, Kitchen, Patio, Garden, Meeting room, Event/Seminar room, Printer & Storage areas, Hallways, Carpark & Bike Storage area. ● Limits on use may be applied if required from time to time at the Licensor's sole discretion. ● A reasonable use policy will apply to all shared spaces in the absence of any applied limits.

  1. Kitchen, Lounge, Patio & Garden

● The kitchen, lounge, patio & garden are shared spaces available to you and do not require a booking except when used for an event, workshop or class. ● You are responsible for your own tidying, dishes, dishwasher loading and unloading and leaving the space suitable for the next person to use. This includes use of the kitchen by your staff and/or guests. ● Please return any equipment and furniture in this space back to its original configuration.

  1. Meeting Room, Event/Seminar Room

● The meeting and event/seminar rooms must be booked prior to use. ● Please return furniture configurations back to original when finished with the space. ● Please ensure all electrical equipment is turned off when you leave.

  1. Risk & Insurance

● Your property on the Premises is at the sole risk of you. ● It is recommended that you have full insurance cover for your business operation within the Premises. ● The Licensor does not insure any activities or property relating to you.

  1. Cupboard Space & Bike storage

● Cupboard space and bike storage are available on a first-come basis. ● Cupboards may be made available for those Members who do not have private office storage available. ● A monthly storage fee may apply, depending on usage.

  1. Promotion & Signage

● The Licensor will endeavor to provide you with promotional or signage opportunities, which may include outdoor building signage, wall space, digital displays and community boards. ● If space or opportunities become limited, a fee may apply. ● Use of signage, wall space and display of any promotional material is at the discretion of the Licensor. ● The Licensor reserves the right to use the promotional and signage spaces for non-members.

  1. Mail Handling Service

• Associate members and licencees (not casual users) may use the Premises as its business address for the management of letter post only. This may be at a small additional cost to membership. • We will store your mail in an agreed area of the office and you will collect it from the Premises every 3 months or it will be securely destroyed. • Additional fees may be charged for on-sending your mail, or handling of parcels or courier deliveries. • The Premises address can only be used on a single business name basis (and not as your registered Companies Office address). We will only accept mail for the company name included in this agreement. Any subsequent business names must be contracted separately. If you wish to use the Premises as your registered Companies Office address you will need to agree to additional terms & conditions and pay the appropriate fee for that service. • You are responsible for complying with all statutory reporting requirements for your business in accordance with New Zealand Law.

  1. Cancellation Policy

    • Please be aware of our 24-hour cancellation policy. Because it is difficult to fill a cancelled booking without sufficient notice, bookings which are cancelled without at least 24-hours notice will be charged at the original booking rate.

You have read and understood the obligations and responsibilities outlined in these terms & conditions and you agree to follow them.